PS3 manufacturer offering 3D training to external studios

Sony: Over 50 PS3 games being built in 3D

Sony is assembling an arsenal of over fifty 3D games in its new assault on the home console market – with over twenty of those titles being built internally.

Ahead of his ‘3D gaming’ keynote at this week’s Develop in Liverpool conference, SCEE studio director Mick Hocking said he will demonstrate the sheer volume of games already embracing stereoscopic technology.

“We’re applying 3D to more than 20 internal games at Sony,” he told Develop.

“It’s a very positive thing to see the great level of interest in 3D from our development studios.”

Hocking emphasised that a growing number of external studios are embracing 3D gaming, who together are doubling Sony’s 3D games amoury.

“Overall we have more than fifty titles currently being converted into 3D, and this number if growing fast,” he said in an exclusive interview with Develop.

“Some of them are massive names. That’s a really, really good sign that the industry is behind our unique message that 3D is a key element in the future of home consoles.”

He said the growing interest from external studios was due to Sony’s own proactive engagement with the industry.

“We’re actively talking to developers and publishers, and we’re also offering training to them to help them get up to speed with 3D,” he said.

“3D isn’t just about adding depth to a picture – developers need to know how to get the very best out of the technology on PS3 and we’ll ensure that they do.”

Sony’s consultation with external and internal studios, said Hocking, goes beyond training on adding depth. He said there’s also scope to train developers on being playful with the tech.

“Not only make it technically correct,” he said, “but also to be more inventive with it, how to get the most creatively from it for their particular type of game.

“One great example is in Killzone 3, when you’re playing in 3D, where the player has to plant an explosive charge on the wall.

“When they do, the charge comes out of the screen and looks like it’s in the room with you, and honestly it feels like an explosive charge has been placed on your TV. It’s

Sony launched its 3D games service earlier in the year – via a firmware update on the PS3 along with selling 3DTVs accompanied with stereoscopic glasses.

Hocking said his firm wants to capture the emerging technology as it becomes more of a standard across all entertainment mediums.

“Interest in 3D is growing fast,” he said, “and many different industries are investing heavily in 3D right now. The 3D market is going to continue to grow with film, TV, websites and games all set to embrace the technology.

“Once people see the range of amazing content that 3D offers, they’ll make the decision to buy a 3D TV set.”

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