'We want to provide many more services to studios,' Yoshida says

Sony pledges better game analytics for devs

PlayStation game developers may soon have access to far richer levels of analytical data drawn from the games they release, according to a key figure at the platform holder.

Appearing last week during a Gamescom roundtable debate, Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida heard from distinguished developers about what they’d like to see PlayStation 4 offer.

And Kellee Santiago, the co-founder at indie group Thatgamecompany, said on top of her wish list was Sony “opening up the network to allow developers more access to data tracking, as well as more flexible pricing models”.

Asked if Sony would open up its data to developers by the time PlayStation 4 arrives, Yoshida replied, “next generation? This generation, absolutely.”

“We like to provide our developers with much more services for the platform,” he continued.

“Platform holders have data, and that data has not necessarily been available for developers. Sometimes it’s just hard to provide the right data to development teams. But [we are offering] more and more services to developers, and I think things will just get better and better.”

Player analytics have become central to the emerging free-to-play game markets. Developers can use the data to continually tweak their online games to improve the experience.

Some of the biggest social games studios, such as Zynga and Playfish, are passionate vocal advocates of player analytics.

Sony is continually opening its network to external studios. Both Valve and CCP Games have been allowed to integrate their own online services into the system.

Valve president Gabe Newell believes Sony deserves to be rewarded for opening its network.


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