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Sony reveals PS5 UI including new, fully-integrated store

The PS5 UI has finally been demonstrated, in a YouTube video that was released this afternoon by Sony. The UI looks great, with lots of interesting new features, but the main boon for the industry is the new store design.

PlayStation 5 brings with it s fully integrated store, at long last. The PS4 store was always a separate app that had to be launched, creating a friction barrier between the main menu and the store. That’s now gone, users can instead simply navigate to the left end of the menu (it’s still in the same place, worry not) and the store is simply there, like a tab you already opened.

The demo didn’t show any more of the store unfortunately, so we still don’t know what marketing opportunities will be available, how the search and genre functions work, and a million other things it would be great to know this close to launch.

We’re sure many of you have had demos – feel free to drop us an anonymous line to put our concerns to rest.

The whole UI now looks to be far more integrated into the gameplay experience, with ‘cards’ denoting various activities and content being easily accessible while still in a game. This brings up further possibilities about the ability to access and buy DLC and MTX content from within games in a frictionless manner, or even to offer the sequel to a game once one is finished.

There’s also a card so that developers can share news about games being played.

It all looks fantastic and we’re not just saying that because ex-DEVELOP editor Jem Alexander has been working on the project (congrats Jem!). But this little slice really just makes us even hungrier to see more and play with it ourselves.

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