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Sony to consider â??totally freeâ?? PSP dev kits

Sony has revealed to Develop that it could soon offer its PSP software development kits completely free of charge.

The revelation comes just months after the company slashed the price of its PSP SDK by as much as 80 per cent.

In an interview with Develop, Sony Europe’s Zeno Colaco was asked how the PSP’s new Minis scheme could draw developers away from making iPhone games, seeing as Apple is openly offering its iPhone SDKs for free.

“Further down the line, we may investigate a totally free model or supported model,” replied Colaco.

However, the SCEE head of developer relations suggested that the free dev kit model is not something that platform holders should rush into, and will presently concentrate on establishing a good portfolio of games.

A current PSP SDK will set developers back $1500, while an iPhone SDK is free to play with but is tagged with a $99 publishing fee.

However, despite these higher costs, Colaco believes that Sony offers developers a better chance for success (and stability) than its newest rival.

More on that story here, or you can read the full interview here.

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