Tech downgrade rumoured for the upcoming handheld console

Sony to half RAM on NGP, report claims

The successor to the PSP will have its memory capacity halved as part of Sony’s bid to cut retail prices, a new report claims.

An unconfirmed rumour in circulation suggests that the NGP will come packaged with 256MB of RAM, as opposed to the 512MB flaunted by Sony when the device was first unveiled.

Sony has been guilty in the past of overpowering their consoles at the expense of the customer.

A spokesperson for the firm declined to comment when contacted by Develop.

A French news website is suggesting the sizable reduction in RAM will impact on the handheld’s retail price – allowing it to better compete with Nintendo’s 3DS.

The source of the rumours, website 01net, has in the past month staked its long-term reputation on a string of explosive rumours. However, many of these rumours have withstood the test of time without challenge.

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