Console giant finally lifts the lid on next-gen hardware

Sony unveils PS4

Sony has officially announced the PS4.

Revealing its new and long-awaited console at a press event in New York, Andrew House said the new console would allow developers to create free-to-play and episodic content.

"PlayStation 4 will unleash imaginations to create next generation experiences surpassing gamers’ wildest expectations," said House.

It is the first time that Sony has uttered the words PlayStation 4, with the plan to support free-to-play also a great boon for many developers, many of which are leading their studios with the business model, and to great success.

Social will also play a key role in the console, with users able for example to easily upload videos of gameplay, which will carry on uploading while players return to their game.

Sony said that its goal was to make rhw sharing of videos in the PS4 generation "as popular as it is today to share screenshots".

It was also revealed that the PS4 hardware had a "supercharged PC architecture" with an X86-based CPU, enhanced PC GPU, 8GB of unified memory and HDD storage.

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