SONY: We’re fronting 3D movement

Sony has opened its E3 conference with a bang – 20 games compatible with 3D technology will be available by March next year.

Sony president and CEO Kazuo Hirai made the announcement. He said: From the camera to the living room, we’re the undisputed pioneer of 3D. We’re the only company offering a complete end-to-end 3D soluation for consumers.

"And what Sony did for Blu Ray we’re now ready to do for 3D. The PS3 is the perfect vehicle for 3D distribution, delivery and content.”

Hirai also said that all 35m PS3s are 3D-ready thanks to a system software update which has already rolled out across all consoles online.

Three titles are available to download on PSN today – these include Super Stardust, 3D Motorstorm and WipeOut 3D HD.

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