Sony: Yes, we are aiming for Wii audience

Can the PlayStation Move succeed in convincing Wii gamers to give up on Nintendo’s console and invest in a PS3? The answer to that all depends on who you ask.

Sony thinks so. In fact, on the very same night it unveiled Move it laboured on this very point.

Yesterday, however, Nintendo’s American boss Reggie Fils-Aime questioned the idea that owners already enjoying Wii would in fact be motivated to invest hundreds of dollars in a new console.

Sony’s isn’t having it, though. When asked by IndustryGamers if Wii owners are likely to want to ‘upgrade’, Sony Worldwide Studios VP Scott Rohde stated: I think so, sure.

That’s definitely an audience that we’re targeting. One of the beauties of the PS3 with the whole ad campaign, ‘It Only Does Everything’, there’s a lot to that.

It could mean that a lot of families bring it into the house because it’s a Blu-ray player, and Move is just another reason for them to bring it into the house. Maybe someone is sitting on the fence about whether or not to upgrade to PS3 and this could lead them to do it.

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