Standalone Switch dock will cost £80

Switch owners who want to add an additional dock to their household setup face a significant outlay.

Amazon is now taking orders for the standalone Switch dock, although they’re priced at 79.99. In the US the accessory costs $89.99, which equates to around 69, so there’s a bit of a markup there.

The device comes packaged with an additional HDMI cable and plug. As was previously reported, it will be released on June 23rd.

The appeal of additional docks is pretty simple to understand. The Switch is sold on its ability to be taken out and about for frolics while on the train or in the park (or, let’s face it, on the loo) but at home it can be docked and played on a big screen.

When docked the device also bumps up its performance, with clock speeds increased and the portable 720 visuals often (but not always) upgraded to 1080p.

However, hopping about between different screens in the house requires some cable management. The idea of having a dock not only in the living room but also, say, in the bedroom and maybe with the computer is an obvious one.

The 80 price tag may be a limiting factor, however.

Dock problems were among the many hardware concerns circling around the console at launch, with reports poitning to consoles shipping withbent docks. As in, one of the dock’s two struts designed to hold the Switch in place for TV play is bent inwards. The dock issue quickly escalated yesterday after Nintendo was accused ofpulling the dock from its online store, with online sleuths very quickly deciding this was proof of a defect being acknowledged.

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