Studio Ghibli confirms PS3 title

The tie-up between acclaimed Japanese developer Level 5 and cult anime house Studio Ghibli is one of the more interesting releases on the 2010 calendar, and now a PS3 version of the game has been confirmed.

Andriasang reports that details of the console version of Ni no Kuni: The Another World are scant, though Famitsu claims that the title will allow gamers to adventure in a world that has the feel of a Studio Ghibli anime”. It is said to closely mirror the studio’s famous concept artistry.

As for DS title Ni no Kuni: The Another World, the game will contain over 300 characters who can be mixed and matched under a battle system called ‘Imagine’.

The DS iteration currently has an autumn release date in Japan while the PS3 version remains TBA.

A release outside of Japan has yet to be confirmed, though the growing popularity of Studio Ghibli – and the Western expansion of Level 5 – means a European and US release is likely at some point in the future.

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