Super Meat Boy XBLA to get discount and new levels

Team Meat reconciles with Microsoft

Team Meat has reconciled its differences with Microsoft and will now be releasing new free content for Super Meat Boy on the XBLA, a studio co-founder has said.

Edmund McMillen said the game would also be available at a discounted price next month.

The news comes after he stated last month that Team Meat would not work with Microsoft “ever again”, after the console giant allegedly refused to cut the game price or give it any kind of promotion after release.

“We don’t have a set date yet, but we have been talking to MS and patched things up,” said McMillen on a blog post.

“We are going to be putting SMB on sale on XBLA next month along with a free update that will add tons of new levels to ‘Teh Internets’.

“It’s a new year and we are putting the past behind us and all agreeing to do what is best for SMB and the fans.”

Indie hit Super Meat Boy was released in October 2010 to critical acclaim, earning an average rating of 90 on Metacritic and selling over 600,000 copies.

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