Tekken creator kept job secret from his family

The man behind the Tekken series has admitted that he lied to his parents about his job for a decade.

"They were both civil servants – they served their country," Katsuhiro Harada told Edge magazine, as reported by Videogamer. "I have two older sisters, but I was the only boy, so they had high expectations of me.

"They wanted me to work for a bank or trading company – you know, be a so-called ‘salaryman’. This work is something my parents could not understand. There was no such occupation when they were kids, and they kept telling me that they were worried about my future.

"I was raised in a strict family. I studied a lot, too sport seriously, didn’t get into fights… So I told them I was working on something else. First I told them I was making Prop Cycle. Later it was Taiko No Tatsujin. I think it came out four or five years after I joined Namco. My junior staff made that game!"

He was eventually found out after his parents spotted him on the cover of a games magazine promoting Tekken 5.

Harada’s latest game is a free-to-play Wii U exclusive currently going under the name of Project Treasure.

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