TGS: Star Ocean The Last Hope heading to Europe

Japanese developer and publisher Square Enix has given the official nod to a European release for its upcoming Xbox 360 RPG Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

The game, which is actually a prequel to the existing titles in the Star Ocean series, is a classic space opera blending sci-fi and fantasy in Square Enix’s traditional RPG style.

Star Ocean has already proved to be a popular series in Japan, we now hope that players around the world can discover why,” Square Enix president and chief executive officer John Yamamoto stated. With Star Ocean: The Last Hope arriving in 2009, there’s never been a better time to enjoy a Star Ocean adventure.”

Last Hope has never officially been confirmed as an Xbox 360 exclusive, though Microsoft’s platform is so far the only one associated with the title.

The Xbox platform holder has been going to great lengths to draw attention to its increasingly close relationship with Square Enix, with the biggest news to date being that Final Fantasy XIII is to appear on the Xbox 360 as well as PS3.

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