The next next-gen predicted for 2010

Though all three format holders have been keen to talk up the lengthening of console life cycles, Pacific Crest Securities analyst Evan Wilson has predicted that 2010 will see a host of new machines arrive in the market place.

As an aside in a report about EA, GameSpot quotes Wilson as saying: "We believe that peak industry sales will occur in 2010, given that Microsoft will likely introduce its next console that year and Nintendo will likely launch before then.

Further, 2010 is also likely to coincide with the end of the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP cycles."

Though Sony’s PSP is arguably the machine most likely to receive an upgrade in the not-so-distant future, many would raise an eyebrow at the notion of Nintendo, and even Microsoft, replacing their home consoles so soon.

However, MCV has before been told that Nintendo has a redesigned DS all lined up and ready to go – but with its machine currently storming sales charts, the launch of a replacement seems unlikely.

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