The three operating systems and improved controllers that power Xbox One

Microsoft has detailed the key tech innovations that will power the Xbox One.

Three operating systems will run inside the system – the Xbox dashboard, a kernel version of Windows and a third that allows for seamless switching between the two.

MS proudly claims to have eliminated wait times, with users able to seamlessly switch between the console’s many features simply by telling the Xbox with their voice.

The machine will be powered with 8GB or RAM (presumably DDR3, as there was no mention of DDR5 as is found in PS4) and house an 8-core CPU. A Blu-ray drive is included and MS claims the machine is practically silent”.

Also included is a brand new Kinect sensor that has been completely redesigned. It can understand a more conversational tone of voice and can transfer an impressive 2Gb of data per second in 1080p, with a wider field of view than the old Kinect.

It can also track the controller in much the same way as we see with PlayStation move, and will recognise when a player is picking up the pad of a Smartglass device.

It was described as rocket science level stuff”. Certainly, it seems a world away from the current Kinect and can, amongst other things, detect shoulder and wrist rotation as well as a user’s heartbeat.

There’s a new controller, too, with 40 design innovations” introduced over the current design. Dynamic impulse triggers” apparently offer feedback.

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