There is ‘potential’ for Dark Souls II on PS4 and Xbox One

The game director of Dark Souls II has renewed hopes of a next-gen release for the title.

Speaking at a Bandai Namco event, Yui Tanimura told Polygon that there’s always a potential for a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One port of the game” and that he’s personally interested in working on those platforms”.

Back in June the developer said that it had no plans” for a next-gen release for the game.

A re-work would certainly be well received, however, and would give the studio a chance to finally achieve the graphical promise teased by the game’s early trailers.

In the more immediate future, the game’s third and (presumably) final DLC release Crown of the Ivory King will be released next week (September 24th). It sends players to a frozen land, accessible from The Shrine of Winter, where the elements will offer up an additional level of environmental challenge.

An interesting gameplay addition will see players gather a number of unspecified NPC followers who will assist in the final boss battle. Acquiring the Crown itself, along with the two Crowns available in the DLC already released, will then allow players to visit the game’s King Vendrick for a surprise” – the nature of which remains a mystery for now.

From Software’s other big current title, Bloodborne, will be released on PS4 in the UK on February 6th.

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