Titanfall wasn’t originally planned for Xbox One

Respawn has admitted that next-gen wasn’t an original element of the Titanfall plan.

"Originally we weren’t planning on an Xbox One version of the game,” Respawn lead engineer Richard Baker told Eurogamer. I’m certain that having an Xbox One version has made our PC version much better – it justified the effort in moving to DirectX 11 and even 64-bit.

"We’ve been experimenting with making [the resolution] higher and lower. We’re going to experiment. The target is either 1080p non-anti-aliased or 900p with FXAA. We’re trying to optimise. We don’t want to give up anything for higher res.

So far we’re not 100 per cent happy with any of the options. We’re still working on it. For day one it’s not going to change. We’re still looking at it for post-day one. We’re likely to increase resolution after we ship."

Don’t forget that the decision to make the first game a life-long Xbox One exclusive was taken by EA without the knowledge of Respawn.

Baker also touched on the ongoing development of the Xbox 360 version at Bluepoint, which is still due to arrive on March 28th.

We’ve actually been playing it almost every day here,” he added. Bluepoint’s developing it and we’ve mostly been hands-off, letting them make their own technical decisions. It seems pretty close [in terms of] feature parity and they’re still working on getting the frame-rate up. I’m not sure about the resolution."

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