Tony Hawk to get skateboard peripheral

Fresh weight has been placed behind the rumours that Activision Blizzard’s Tony Hawk revamp due later this year will see the game controlled with a skateboard peripheral.

Variety reports that two sources” have seen the accessory first hand, claiming that it does not measure balance but instead allows the user to grab and manipulate it in certain places as a skater would grab their board.

All versions, including the Wii iteration, are said to use the device. EA previously released a version of its Skate franchise that was compatible with Nintendo’s Wii Balance Board.

Following last year’s Tony Hawk’s no-show on next-gen platforms, Activision has previously stated its intention to completely rework its historically successful brand, which has suffered at the hands of EA’s aforementioned foray into the genre.

Activision has been one of the biggest supporters of game-specific peripherals. Its $1bn+ selling Guitar Hero series is one of the pioneers of the movement, and it looks set to be joined by record-deck utilising DJ Hero later this year.

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