E3â??09: LEGO games developer doubts it will make an exclusive PSP Go title, says digital is a risk

Traveller’s Tales wary of PSP Go

Traveller’s Tales’ co-founder Jon Burton is uncertain about the PSP Go’s prospects as a handheld focused on digital downloads.

Speaking to Develop, Burton said that a digital downloads are “a risk”, and suggested Sony should host the original PSP’s back-catalogue of games on PSN for new consumers to have access to.

Burton said the success of the PSP Go depends on what the console has available for download. When asked if the system can stimulate the PSP and handheld market to grow, he said it could, though this too depends on the choice of software available for the device.

Traveller’s Tales’ exclusive PSP title WRC: World Rally Championship was released back in 2005. Since then, the company has focused on developing PSP games as part of a wider aim to develop multiplatform titles, with games such as LEGO Indiana Jones and LEGO Batman making their way to the handheld as well as several other consoles.

“I doubt we would make a specific game for the device,” said Burton. “If it was an easy ‘port’ of our PSP games, then no problem.”

“Developers who have dabbled in XBLA would probably be interested, but we have limited resources for "unique" games on a single platform,” he added.

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