Trials of Tatooine arriving on HTC Vive today for free

The Force is strong with this one.

Back in March, ILM revealed an upcoming Star Wars virtual reality experience called Trials of Tatooine that would, for the first time, actually give folk the chance to swoosh about a lightsaber in a virtual world. Will is pretty much all we’ve ever wanted from life.

Well, surprise – it was announced at the Star Wars celebration this weekend that Trials of Tatooine is not only going to be free, but that it’s coming out today (July 18th).

The game has had input from LucasArts’ chief tech officer Rob Brewdow and creative executive Pable Hidalgo. It sees players assume the role of a Padawan venturing to Luke and Anakin’s homeworld to try and prove their mettle.

ILM has also confirmed that it’s working on a Darth Vader VR game, which is being written by Dark Knight writer David Goyer. Presumably the presence of such a high-profile writer points to a larger, more filled out experience to come.

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