TV ad focus: PS Vita vs other handhelds

Sony launched the PS Vita last month and the TV rating results for its first burst of advertising activity have been revealed.

The chart compares the cumulative individual TVRs and number of weeks on air for other handhelds’ TV launch activity.

What’s evident is the differing strategies utilised by Sony and Nintendo. For their two handheld launches, Sony restricted the initial burst to three weeks of activity. Nintendo preferred five weeks of activity.

Of the four campaigns, the PS Vita achieved the fewest potential commercial views, amassing 241 individual TVRs. This is nine per cent less than its predecessor, the PSP (265 TVRs), 21 per cent less than the 3DS (304 TVRs) and 34 per cent less than the original DS (313 TVRs). One TVR represents one per cent of a target audience.

The cost of TV airtime fluctuates on a monthly basis, dependent on market pressure and audience supply. Therefore it would be unfair to compare these bursts of activity from different years in terms of spend, but the TV rating activity is comparable.

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