TV push for new Pokémon

Nintendo will kick off a year-long marketing push for Pokmon with next month’s Mystery Dungeon game.

The 3DS title, subtitled Gates to Infinity, is getting a three-week kids TV campaign ahead of its launch on May 17th.

It’s the first of many Pokmon releases this year, which climaxes with the launch of Pokmon X and Y in October.

We are planning a strong yet targeted launch campaign to support this release and really kick start what is a big year for Pokmon,” says Vanisha Kavia, junior product manager at Nintendo UK.

We will also continuously re-promote the title over the course of the year.”

This TV campaign will be backed by a digital pre-order and social media campaign aimed at existing Pokmon fans and introducing kids to the brand.

Pokmon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity is also going to appear at the Pokmon Brand Tour taking place over the summer.

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