Twitch Plays Pokemon beats every generation of the series

Remember Twitch Plays Pokemon? Well, it has just beat 3DS title Pokemon X, meaning that every generation of Nintendo’s series has now been bettered.

VentureBeat reports that due to the lack of 3DS emulation, one of the community actually concocted a modified physical 3DS that would recognise and input the channel’s inputs.

The phenomenon began back in February when Twitch users joined forces to beat Pokemon Red. So sudden and popular was the game that it even caused site-wide chat problems across the entirety of Twitch.

It has since gone on to beat a total of nine Pokemon titles. And next up is Pokemon Stadium 2 for the N64, followed by another Pokemon Red run with the aim of capturing all 151 Pokemon.

Twitch Plays Pokemon’s anonymous creator told MCV in March that he was partially inspired by fellow streaming game phenomenon Salty Bet, and that he was surprised by his channel’s success.

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