Ubisoft has a finished Wii U game that it won’t release until the console sells more

Ubisoft is holding back Wii U games until the console starts selling better.

CEO Yves Guillemot told MCV at a roundtable event, that there is even a game that has been finished for six months and that it won’t be released until the machine’s install base is larger.

It follows significantly disappointing sales of Nintendo’s latest home console. Yet Guillemot believes Nintendo could turn it around with the help of Super Smash Bros.

However, he admitted this game may never come out on Wii U and that it may have to be released on other platforms. A decision on the title will be made this year.

Ubisoft does have some Wii U titles that are definitely coming out, including Watch Dogs and Just Dance 2015.

"We did adapt the number of products and the level of quantity that we did on the machine," said Guillemot on the firm’s Wii U strategy.

"We will have Just Dance 2015 on Wii U, which is suited to the machine, we will have Watch Dogs. We have another couple of products that we are waiting for launch. Specifically, we have one game that we are waiting until the Wii U has a certain market size before we launch.

"We have a game that has been done for six months; it is on our shelf waiting until more families to have the machine."

He added: "Nintendo is really coming with fantastic games, so they could –with the right price and very good games – get the machine to start.

"If Wii U’s sales continue to multiply, it will quickly come to a mass market. We need the sales to increase so it becomes more mass market, and then we will have the volume we need to justify big marketing campaigns and TV marketing.

"This game could never come out and could instead come out on another format that offers the same sort of experience. We will know this year how the machine goes

"We have to wait for Smash Bros to come. Smash Bros has always been a big, big property for Nintendo and for gamers. We all know that there are lots of Nintendo fans that are waiting for big games to come. We know they are coming. When I speak to the fans that come to E3, 90 per cent of them are crazy Nintendo fans. They really love Nintendo and the games they do. If they can quickly come and buy a Wii U, it would be good."

Nintendo’s E3 digital event takes place tomorrow morning (LA time) and tomorrow evening (UK time).

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