Ubisofts Haze campaign gets Korny

Ahead of the release of its PS3 shooter Haze next month, Ubisoft has teamed up with hard rock outfit Korn to help promote the game.

The band has recorded an original song that was ‘inspired’ by the game, and it will be released on the radio and via video to coincide with the release of the game next month.

Korn’s leading man Jonathan Davis stated: Gaming for me is a religion and Haze is the shit!” By that we think he means he likes it.

Ubisoft’s vice president of worldwide licensing Christian Salomon added: This partnership with Korn is original in the video game industry in that the song will be released and promoted as a full-fledged single, and not just as a download with the video game. It is a testament to the synergy possibilities between music and video games, which often share the same audience.”

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