UK PS4 vs Xbox One price war is bigger than anywhere else in the world, says GameStop

The rapidly eroding price of PS4 and Xbox One in the UK has taken global games giant GameStop
by surprise.

GameStop has been at the forefront of this price battle, selling the Xbox One for as low as 250, while also running PS4 bundles for 290 and less.

International president and EVP Mike Mauler says this activity has been driven by the platform holders, and that he’s not seen such aggression in other markets.

The UK market is incredibly competitive from a price perspective,” he told MCV. I remember how it was during the Christmas holidays – adding games into bundles and discounting the bundles. We have not seen that type of aggressive discounting in other markets.

Most of the promotions are from the manufacturers – we work very closely with them. Depending what their goals are, we provide them with support. It’s not as haphazard as it might appear – it’s part of a broader strategy that each platform holder has to gain market share.”

Another strategy that has surprised Mauler is the industry’s rapid abandonment of PS3 and Xbox 360. And he says the market’s decision to stop making games for these platforms have buoyed its pre-owned business.

The older machines have tremendous install bases, and – except for a few major titles like Call of Duty and FIFA – everything is about the new consoles,” he said. A lot of consumers have the old hardware. Our used business is growing as there are less new titles for that older hardware. if you have a PS3 or Xbox 360, you are prone to buying a lot of used games that you haven’t played before.”

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