UK retail reports Wii U sell-out

Wii U has already sold out, retailers have told MCV.

Multiple games buyers have told us their launch allocation of the Wii U has been completely taken by pre-orders fromeager early adopters – one week ahead of the console’s November 30th launch.

In fact, some retailers have told us their already taken orders against future Wii U shipments.

Nintendo already told MCV last month that it is working hard to supply the channel with fresh stock asquickly as possible ahead of the Christmas holidays. However, it did admit there was likely to be short supply on day one.

HMV announced this morning it has secured some extra stock for its official midnight opening next Thursday.

The platform holder has been reaching out to potential buyers with an extensive nationwide sampling
tour, giving consumers the chance to try out the unique GamePad controller.

It also kicked off a mammoth marketing plan in October, backed by a budget that exceeds that of the
push behind the original way.

As with the 3DS last year, Nintendo has planned for a launch that extends beyond the initial surge of
the early weeks. Its launch window stretches from November 30th to the end of March, with promising
titles such as Pikmin 3 and LEGO City Undercover due early next year.

MCV has contacted Nintendo for further comment.

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