UK retailer pulls R4 Cards

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, online retailer has stopped selling R4 cards.

The indie told MCV that it justified selling the devices as larger rivals, such as Amazon, were also selling them, but has now called on other retailers to also stop stocking the items. only started selling the R4 cards very recently and I must stress that we added them to the site as a direct reaction to much larger online retailers ranging them,” insists SimplyGames’ Neil Muspratt.

Since launching them we have reflected on the overall impact R4 cards will have on long-term software sales and I have talked openly to senior people at Nintendo UK about the situation. We have concluded that they are not at all healthy for software sales and it concerns me that they are now reaching mass-market status. We have removed these products from our site now and will not be ranging them ever again.

Retailers such as Amazon should stop stocking the devices. They can’t simply hide behind the Marketplace traders, because they’re still making profit from these items.”

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