E3â??09: SCE president of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida promises an â??extensive line-up of games to chooseâ?? from launch

UMD PSP games going digital to support Go launch

The PSP Go will have ‘extensive line-up’ from launch as older UMD games will be re-released onto the PlayStation Store and available for users to download.

That was the promise given by Shuhei Yoshida, president of SCE Worldwide Studios.

“We have been working to release our UMD titles, old and new, via electronic distribution so consumers who buy PSP Go will have an extensive line-up of games to choose from on day one,” said Yoshida-san in an internal PlayStation interview.

Yoshida didn’t mention the price ranges of each re-release, nor did he specify which, or indeed how many older PSP games would be available to PSP Go users when the new handheld launches in the US and Europe on October 1st.

A Sony spokesperson was unavailable at the time of going to press.

The PSP Go houses 16GB of internal memory and the capacity for more via memory cards, allowing the console to host multiple games at any given time.

UMD currently has a maximum capacity of 1.8GB, meaning that, theoretically, the fewest number of old PSP games the Go can carry would be eight, together amounting to 14.4GB.

PSN also has a policy where previously downloaded games can be deleted and re-downloaded at no extra charge, meaning that users may be able to manage a library of games exceeding 16GB without the need for external memory additions. This has not been confirmed by Sony.

The platform holder is encouraging developers to make smaller, unique titles in a bid to give the device its own identity, as well as a continual flow of cheaper games.

“We are also working on some titles that take best advantage of the form factor of PSP Go, like games that you can play with the screen closed by using only the L and R buttons for example,” added Yoshida, who reiterated that the PSP’s upcoming titles can also be played on legacy PSPs.

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