Debug units unworkable due to endlessly looping error message

[Update] Debug PS3s hit by system errors

[Update: The PS3’s internal clock issue is said to be resolved]

Various developers and studios are claiming that their debug PS3 units are failing from suspected internal-clock-related hardware errors.

A multitude of debug consoles – crucial to the development of current PS3 projects – have been thrown into a rebooting cycle, due to an endlessly-looping error message.

The issue comes as a separate issue is affecting retail PS3 consoles, though both problems are thought to be related.

It is said that when certain PS3 retail consoles attempt to connect to the internet, the platform shows error messages and are unable to connect to the PlayStation Network.

Sony has already claimed it has narrowed down possible causes for the retail problem and is working on a solution.

However, a Joystiq report has been flooded by claims that even offline consoles are being struck down – with the system’s clock reverting to 12/31/1999 and causing data-corrupting errors.

Sony has declined to comment.

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