UPDATED: New Super Mario Bros U will run in native 1080p

Debates continue to rage about how well the Wii U’s visuals stack up against Xbox 360 and PS3, but new information looks good for Nintendo’s machine.

The official website for New Super Mario Bros U confirms that the game will run in full 1080p HD”.

Nintendo had previously suggested that the majority of its launch line-up would run in 720p. Indeed, Mario’s new adventure itself has been previously demoed in 720p form, Eurogamer reports.

Both Xbox 360 and PS3 output a 1080p signal, but very few titles display natively in this resolution, with most requiring the console to upscale a 720p (and sometimes ever lower) picture.

However, EA’s Mass Effect 3 has already been confirmed as being capped to 720p, so only time will tell how prolific native 1080p games will be on Nintendo’s new machine.

UPDATE:Although there has been no specific announcement, Nintendo has altered the working on its web page to remove any mention of 1080p support. That’ll be 720p, then.

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