UPDATED: Wii U pre-orders increase the most after Gamescom, says Amazon

UPDATED: It turns out Call of Duty was accidentally left off the list. And it’s made us question all the below information. For an update, click here.

Those guys and girls over at Amazon have crunched the number to reveal the impact Gamescom had on its pre-orders.

And the results are slightly surprising.

Nintendo Wii U games saw the biggest increase in its pre-orders, with an 8.67 per cent rise. PS4 game pre-orders increased 5.16 per cent week-on-week. While Xbox One pre-orders rose a whole 2.81 per cent. Note these are percentage increases. This does not mean Wii U games received more pre-orders than Xbox One games.

Bandai Namco’s Project CARS enjoyed the biggest pre-order spike. Pre-orders rose by 42.3 per cent, while Rise of the Tomb Raider pre-orders jumped by 30.25 per cent (following the news of its Xbox One exclusivity). There were hefty pre-order jumps for Bloodborne, Hyrule Warriors and Quantum Break (all console exclusives) too. Full list below.

We have to confess, bits of this is somewhat surprising. Wii U saw the biggest pre-order boost in a week where it was the only platform holder that DIDN’T hold a press conference.

It’s obviously great Project CARS has risen so well… but we are surprised Call of Duty didn’t see a big pre-order jump. Activision announced that pre-order customers could get hold of the game a whole 24-hours early at Gamescom. The impact of that announcement (at Amazon at least) resulted in a sales increase of under 7.5 per cent. We would have thought it would have been more.

Of course these are just percentage increases. And it’s likely that Wii U and Project CARS’ starting position was lower than the big blockbusters. Nevertheless, a lack of certain other blockbusters, which had big shows at Gamescom, comes as a surprise.

Here is the Pre-order Top 10 (increases):

1. Project CARS (Slightly Mad Studios) 42.3 per cent increase
2. Rise of the Tomb Raider (Square Enix) 30.25 per cent increase
3. Bloodborne (Sony) 16.08 per cent increase
4. Hyrule Warriors (Nintendo) 11.77 per cent increase
5. Quantum Break (Microsoft) 10.77 per cent increase
6. Far Cry 4 (Ubisoft) 9.53 per cent increase
7. Assassin’s Creed Unity (Ubisoft) 9.44 per cent increase
8. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (Warner Bros) 9.03 per cent increase
9. Battlefield: Hardline (EA) 8.81 per cent increase
10. Super Smash Bros for 3DS (Nintendo) 7.56 per cent increase

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