US: Nintendo DS triumphs in 07 hardware war

In a year that has seen all of the so-called seventh-generation of machines fully established and battling it out on the market, Nintendo’s DS has emerged as the top selling console in the US in 2007.

The DS shifted 8.5 million units throughout the year in the US, well ahead of its closest rival, Nintendo’s own Wii, which sold 6.29 million.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 shifted 4.62 million units, managing to outperform Sony’s last-gen powerhouse PS2 which sold 3.97 million machines – narrowly ahead of PSP at 3.82 million and well ahead of Sony’s current console darling, the PS3, which managed 2.56 million, becoming the worst selling console in the period.

The PS2 still leads the pack when it comes to lifetime sales, which stand at 41.12 million. DS has to date sold 17.65 million units, followed by PSP at 10.47 million. Xbox 360 has sold 9.15 million machines, Wii 7.38 million and PS3 3.25 million.

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