US: Wii sales pass 30m

Nintendo has revealed that total unit sales of the Wii console have now passed 30m in the US in the 45 months that the machine has been on the market.

More than any other videogame system in history, Wii has expanded the world of videogames to new audiences,” Nintendo of America’s executive VP of sales and marketing Cammie Dunaway stated.

This milestone is another reminder that people want fun games they can play with others – all at a value-minded price.”

Nintendo also released US lifetime software charts for Wii:

Top 10 first-party games for Wii
1. Wii Play
2. Mario Kart Wii
3. Wii Fit
4. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
5. Wii Sports Resort
6. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
7. Super Mario Galaxy
8. Wii Fit Plus
9. Mario Party 8
10. Link’s Crossbow Training

Top 10 third-party games for Wii
1. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Activision)
2. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Sega)
3. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (LucasArts)
4. Carnival Games (Take-Two)
5. Game Party (Midway)
6. EA Sports Active (EA)
7. Just Dance (Ubisoft)
8. Rayman Raving Rabbids (Ubisoft)
9. DECA Sports (Hudson)
10. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Sega)

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