But, admits lead programmer, there is â??a lot to be dealt withâ?? before it can happen

User-generated content is the â??ultimate goalâ??, says Home team

Sony’s Home team has told Develop that user-generated content is the ‘ultimate goal’ for the PlayStation 3 service.

In part two of our interview, Mitch Goodwin, lead programmer of Home, told us that many of the decisions taken by the team – including the usage of Lua as the scripting language – were made with the possibility of user-generated content in mind.

“That’s the ultimate goal that we work towards – allowing UGC,” he said. “Obviously we’re not naive, and we know that with an online service you have to have strict moderation – we don’t want the user to be exposed to rubbish. But with the right things in place – some process, such as user-reviews or pre-moderation – there are ways of getting that, and that’s ultimately where we’d like to go, but there’s a lot to be dealt with on that front.”

For more from the Home team – including detailed talk on the monetisation possibilities for developers, user-generated content and how Home could be a platform for game development to rival the PlayStation Network – check out Part 2 of our interview here. Part one, published yesterday, can be found here.

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