Vegas shooting range invites gamers to try real Call of Duty weapons

You buy all the games, you subscribe to Elite, you have a COD branded baseball cap and you question the sexuality of underage boys online. But what next?

Surely there’s another way you can prove your devotion to all things Call of Duty?

Yes! There is. You can pay Machine Guns Vegas $169.95 for the privilege of shooting four real weapons featured in Activision’s series.

Included in the shooting range package is the chance to try four weapons – the M4 (25 rounds), the FN SCAR (20 rounds), and AK-47 (25 rounds) and a Beretta M9 (20 rounds). You’ll also a t-shirt.

There’s also a Call of Duty: World at War package for 129.95.

Gun experts and adventurous Call of Duty gamers alike will get the ultimate thrill from this package at the 10,000 square foot indoor luxury shooting range 10 just 10 minutes off the strip run by the most gorgeous girls in town,” the blurb reads.

If you’re in the States and you want more information then you can reach MGV on 1-800-75-SHOOT. Really.

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