VIDEO: David ‘Doctor Who’ Tennant is the voice of Kinect Sports Rivals

Former Timelord and Scottish thesp David Tennant has been revealed as the narrator of upcoming Xbox One title Kinect Sports Rivals.

It’s the first game that the actor has done voice over work for, not least because the BBC’s Doctor Who video games drive arrived in the post-Tennant Matt Smith era.

In the video below Tennant says the he is a gamer, although the last title that in his words he played with any kind of tenacity was [Batman] Arkham Asylum but even that’s getting a few years old now”.

Added Tennant: I keep an eye and my son’s a very keen gamer so I have a vague connection through him – I sort of know a bit of what’s going on.”

Kinect Sports Rivals will be released in the UK on April 11th. Here’s the video:

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