VIDEO: Metal Gear Solid – Ground Zeroes; Is multiplatform, current-gen

Konami has revealed the next instalment in its popular stealth series – Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

And furthermore, despite the amazing debut video – which can be seen below – the publisher insists that the game is bound for current-gen consoles.

It’s also a multiplatform release, meaning that for the first time a major MGS release has arrived on Xbox (and possibly PC) at the same time it hits PlayStation.

Indeed, predecessor Metal Gear Solid 4 is still MIA on Microsoft’s machines.

Pinches of salt recommended, however. With a release date of some time deep into 2013, don’t be surprised to see the game magically become a next-gen title should Microsoft and Sony decide to finally unveil their new consoles, which for time being remain doggedly on ice.

The game is also powered by Konami’s new FOX Engine which, like nearly all major new engines nowadays, is built on scalability. The game is allegedly running on current-gen hardware, but don’t be fooled into thinking that the developers aren’t primed with a plan to drastically ramp up its performance once new hardware has become official.

As for the game itself, it for the first time in the series promises an open-world. Creator Hideo Kojima describes it as a ‘prologue’ title, though what it could possibly precede in the rich and complicated world of Metal Gear remains to be seen.

Kojima also stressed that he is very much in control of the title. Solid Snake is confirmed as the main protagonist.

Here’s the video:

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