VIDEO: Smart As announced for Vita

Sony has announced a new title for Vita that it no doubt hopes will do for Vita what 2006 DS outing Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training did for Nintendo’s machine.

Called Smart As, it is described by XDev Europe’s assistant producer Nick Accordino as a social brain-training experience”.

Smart As is that will put your brain to the test with 20 unique, engaging, tactile and highly interactive puzzle games,” he stated. This next-gen puzzle game will also enable you to share your stats with players from around the world using a robust set of social and connective features.

Smart As takes full advantage of PS Vita’s touchscreens, cameras and Augmented Reality capabilities to deliver Daily Training challenges featuring fun arithmetic, logic, language and observation-based puzzles. Your scores from each puzzle are used to calculate your overall Brain Power and anybody at any skill level can get in on the fun.”

The game also uses Vita’s connectivity options to encourage play on the move and will reward those who travel with their machines. Online Brain Power leader boards are also present and correct.

Smart As will be released for PlayStation Vita this autumn. Here’s the debut video:

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