Vita buyers – don’t throw away your UMDs

Sony is hatching a plan that it hopes will entice more PSP owners to its next-generation PlayStation Vita system.

The only form of physical media that Vita uses is a proprietary memory card format, meaning that those with a library of UMD titles for their PSP face either holding on to their old machine or binning the lot.

But Andrasang reports that Sony yesterday told sales reps exactly how it plans to allow gamers to make use of their UMD titles, though for the time being the wider world remains in the dark.

Some sort of download service seems the likely answer. This, of course, is similar to the ‘solution’ Sony offered prior to the launch of the disc-less PSPgo.

That scheme was limited, however, to a small number of free downloads from a very limited list of titles. That’s a far cry from what gamers wanted – that being the ability to transfer every one of the PSP games to their new machine for free.

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