What Harmonix thinks of Guitar Hero

There’s no doubting that Guitar Hero and Rock Band are the two major players in the music games market.

However, speaking to MCV Alex Rigopulos, the boss of current Rock Band developer and Guitar Hero creator Harmonix, has claimed that battling with the franchise his studio created doesn’t rouse him.

I haven’t played Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock yet so I’m reluctant to render judgement,” he says.

But based on what I have seen and read about it I’ll just say it’s not the direction I would’ve chosen to go. I think at this point in the evolution of the category, consumers are really ready for something new in terms of play experience.

We’ve also released fewer titles than Guitar Hero, and I think generally speaking that has accrued to our benefit, just because we’ve had more time to invest in quality and more substantial upgrades to the experience.”

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