Which DSiWare games are incompatible with 3DS?

Having said yesterday that DSi owners would be able to transfer "most" of their digital purchases to 3DS when the Nintendo eShop goes live on June 7th, the platform has named exactly which titles won’t make the jump.

In total 18 games aren’t compatible with Nintendo’s new machine. Here’s the list:

• Art Academy First Semester
• Art Academy Second Semester
• Asphalt IV
• Crash-Course Domo
• Earthworm Jim
• Flipnote Studio
• Hard-Hat Domo
• Let’s Golf
• Oregon Trail
• Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon
• Pro-Putt Domo
• Real Soccer 2009
• Real Soccer 2010
• Rock-n-Roll Domo
• Sudoku Master
• Sudoku Sensei
• Sudoku Student
• White-Water Domo

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