Wii gets firmware upgrade

A new layout for the Shop Channel and some interface alterations are the main talking points of Nintendo’s updated firmware release for its Wii console – with version 3.0 now available for download.

Along with the addition of a digital clock on the bottom of the Wii Channel menu, several channels have themselves seen internet connectivity used to a greater extent – with the Forecast Channel now displaying the current weather and the News Channel displaying two scrolling headlines.

The Shop Channel also sees some new features, including a complete visual redesign, easier access for previously downloaded titles and a more flexible search engine that allows users to look for titles by both category and name.

The changes in full:

* Clock added to the Wii Menu
* Forecast Channel now displays the current conditions
* News Channel can now show two scrolling headlines at a time
* Message Board now has the today’s accomplishments message
* Address Book entries can now be shifted around using A+B to empty spaces
* Calendar in Message Board no longer shows today’s accomplishments
* Scrolling messages in the Message Board now uses a different sound

Wii Shop Channel:
* New Welcome screen detailing four recommended titles
* Titles you’ve downloaded moved to the main shop menu
* Popular titles
* Search for a title
* Search by category
* System shows the different systems and how many titles have been released under each
* Publisher showing different publishers and amount of titles released

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