Wii Music 2 could happen

Despite failing to set the world alight upon its release in 2008, Nintendo could yet release a sequel to Wii Music, lead designer Shigeru Miyamoto has confessed.

Earlier last year Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata confessed that Wii Music has not achieved its true potential” and that it is unfortunate that it was not immediately appealing enough to some consumer”.

However, speaking to Edge (via CVG) Miyamoto stated: As soon as we’ve finished a project, I always have regrets about what we could or should’ve done. But then there are these great ideas that we can utilise with future projects, one way or another.

Some people might say Wii Music is a good example. It’s been said that it could have sold much more than it actually has to date, but it simply means that I have some assets right now that, by tweaking something, we might be able to have great success with in future.”

Wii Music averaged just 63 per cent on Metacritic – an unusually low score for the normally universally praised first party titles from Nintendo.

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