Wii Party bundled with WiiMote

Nintendo has chosen to play new mini-game collection Wii Party with the WiiMote.

The platform holder applied the same strategy with launch title Wii Play – and it seemingly paid off, with Wii Play being crowned earlier this year as the best ever selling game in North America.

Though some critics have been quick to write off Wii party as ‘just another mini-game collection’, Nintendo has shown a notable level of invention in many of the tasks included in the game.

For instance, ‘Hide ‘n’ Hunt’ sees players leave the room while one is left alone to hife their WiiMote. The others then return and must find the controller, aided only by the feint noise it is emitting.

‘Animal Tracker’ requires players to pick up the controller making the noise corresponding with the animal on-screen and ‘Time Bomb’ sees players trying to pass around the WiiMote without shaking it hard enough to set off the bomb.

In total 80 games are included in the collection.

Wii Party will be released in the UK on October 8th.

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