Wii price cut unlikely this year

Despite some very high-profile calls for all three platform holders to cut the price of their hardware yet further in 2010, Nintendo’s American sales and marketing boss Cammie Dunaway has dismissed the demands.

Right now, we continue to see demand at very strong levels,” the exec told GamesBeat. It’s tough to find a Wii now. If we hit 100 stores in the area, we would find Wiis in only 20 per cent of them today.

That tremendous strength we had in December really wiped the pipeline clean. Our pipeline, the retailer pipeline. And so with that kind of demand, it doesn’t suggest the need for any pricing actions.”

The assertion comes despite analyst claims that Wii will face a tough time in the market unless it counters the impeding arrival of Microsoft’s Natal and Sony’s Motion Controller with a cut to the machine’s RRP.

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