Wii U version of Ghost Recon Online "on hold"

It was presented alongside the Wii u hardware itself by Nintendo at E3, but it looks like Ghost Recon Online may now never reach the console.

Videogamer reports that the Nintendo SKU is on hold” for the machine, with the dev pouring all of its resources into the PC version.
And reading between the lines, it looks like all hope of a Wii U version might now be lost.

"As of right now, the entire Ghost Recon team is focused on the PC version only," the game’s producer Theo Sanders stated. "The Wii U version is on hold.

"If in the future we have an opportunity to address it again, we’ll make future announcements. But as of right now we’re focused completely on the PC version.

"It’s not a reaction to anything specific happening to [Wii U]. It was a really fun, cool platform to develop for. But you realise once you launch an online service that it’s an all-consuming effort, so we really wanted to have all hands on deck. It was the same dev team working on both SKUs, and [we] really wanted to focus on doing the PC version right.

"I’m not really in a position to talk about the Wii U, but our particular choice for Ghost Recon Online was purely based on the fact that we had one dev team working on both SKUs and it was an all-consuming effort with the PC launch. It’s tough launching an online game."

The news is an early blow for Wii U. Nintendo will be desperate for the console not to go the way of the PlayStation Vita in struggling to win over third party developer support – a problem that has plagued all Nintendo platforms since the N64.

Nintendo is expected to announce a release date and price for Wii U next week – although MCV sources have indicated that there may be some spanners in the works that could result in the wait for information proving longer than thought.

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