Wii U won’t block pre-owned games

Nintendo has seemingly confirmed that the Wii U will not block pre-owned software.

I don’t know if we have a formal position on used game sales,” Nintendo of America marketing exec Scot Moffitt told GameSpot.

It is a reality in the marketplace. We haven’t incorporated any features that will discourage used game sales at this point. We’re not trying to circumvent that.”

The platform holder joins Sony in ruling out the use of the tech, which has been rumoured for inclusion in both the PS4 and Xbox 720.

Moffitt also confirmed that he thinks” first party Wii U titles will be rendered in 1080p. If true, that gives Nintendo an advantage over both Xbox 360 and PS3, both of whom see the vast majority of their software render at 720p or below.

The exec also went to highlight how the company intends to differentiate the Wii U from its predecessor in the eyes of the buying consumer.

Well, it’s confusing relative to the Wii,” he admitted. With motion control gaming, when you saw Mr Iwata and Reggie stand up and swing a motion controller, it brought it to life immediately.

With a second screen controller, you need to see what’s on the second screen, so by nature it’s a more complex system. It’s less visually easy to understand.

As for how we’re planning to make it clear that it’s a new system: well, we want to get it in people’s hands. We want consumers to experience it for themselves, whether it’s in a store, at a gaming event, or at a press event. Once they do that, I think people will really start to understand how the GamePad changes the way you can connect with games and other players.”

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