Polish studio Bloober Team turns to Emergentâ??s scalable platform

WiiWare dev turns to Gamebryo

Emergent has revealed its Gamebryo Lightspeed engine has been licenced to a studio working on a WiiWare title.

The announcement is, as Emergent planned, a demonstration of the degree of scalability that the Gamebryo LightSpeed engine benefits from.

Emergent’s latest platform was used in the development of Bethesda title Fallout 3 – a high-profile title available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Yet Polish studio Bloober Team will hope to make the most out of the engine for Last Flight; a downloadable action-adventure horror game available via WiiWare.

“We were shopping for a fully featured game engine and tool chain ready to use out of the box, and Gamebryo was the only development platform that met our standards,” said Pawel Lewandowski of Bloober Team.

“In contrast to other engines available for Wii, Emergent’s tech is really well documented. Not only is there a standard API documentation, but all tools are documented as well. Provided examples are useful and commented with great detail.”

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