WiiWare Week: Developer of Gravitronix talks up platform's potential and says it will help win over more non-gamers

WiiWare is ‘the equivalent of greenlighting 1,000 independent films’

In the latest instalment in our week long ‘WiiWare week’, exploring the potential of Nintendo’s new digital distribution service, Medaverse chief Jesse Lowther takes to the Develop soapbox to explain why his team – currently working on Gravitronix – has been so keen to embrace the service, saying it will help drive a boom for smaller-scale indie-titles.

"I see WiiWare as another board in the bridge to true mainstream acceptance for gaming," explains Lowther as he recounts the success Nintendo has had so far in courting non-gamers, and how that could extend to digital distribution.

"In that sense, WiiWare is the game industry equivalent of greenlighting a thousand independent films, and that kind of momentum will only serve to bring more non-gamers in to see what the gaming world has to offer. Nintendo has done the hard part in making a console so different and unique that it separates itself from the previous archetypes of console gaming.

"The next step is to continue with that momentum by finding out what else these new gamers want and I think WiiWare will be a colossal asset in that regard."

To read the full opinion piece, click here.

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